The Amazing And Incredible Spirit Of Qian Hongyan.

Qian Hongyan -Inspiring heights



Qian Hongyan, an 18-year-old girl who lives in China. She may seem like your average teenager, but she has a pretty unique backstory.

She was badly injured in an auto accident when she was only 3 years old. Qian was released from the hospital when she was six years old after doctors amputated her legs, removed her hip joints and lower ribs, leaving her with a pointed stump as a lower torso.

The handicapped Chinese girl Qian Hongyan crawls with two home-made props and part of a basketball at Zhuangxia Village on January 5, 2005 in Luliang County of Qujing City, Yunnan Province, China. The girl who lost both of her legs in a traffic accident in 2000 at the age of three, struggles to live her life with a basketball as an underprop, Hongyan uses brushes as low-level crutches “walking” between school and home by herself. The girl’s story is widely reported in the country, and experts from China Rehabilitation Research Center has come to Qian’s home to help her for rehabilitative treatment early 2005. Qian now has a pair of proper prosthetic legs, but still says she likes to use the basketball from time to time as it is easier for her to get in and out of the pool with.

In 2007, after watching the National Games for the Disabled, she decided to join the “South of the cloud” swimming club for the disabled youth, training under famous coach Zhang
Honghu who has fostered a good number of world paralympics champions.

Her disability didn’t stop her from winning one gold and two silver medals at the 2009 National Swimming Championship for the Disabled, and taking home three silvers the following year, according to ChinaHush. She collected three gold medals at Yunnan Para Games.

However, she was inspired millions with her ambition to compete as a swimmer in Paralympics. Qian swims about 2000 meters a day and trains really hard. She hopes to one day win medals for her country in the Paralympic Games.

Hongyan is no longer a “basketball girl” as she can now walk with prosthetic limbs. she returned to the China Rehabilitation Centre in Beijing. Now 18 years old, she is ready for her adult prosthetics.

Qian Hongyan2 -Inspiring heights

Qian Hongyan though differently abled has big dreams. The accident may have robbed her of her legs but certainly not her spirit. She has plenty of courage and determination and is indeed a great inspiration to all the differently abled people around the globe.

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