Diwakar Sharma – He Is A Singing Sensation. CBSE Topper. Visually Impaired. Are You As Inspired As We Are?

Diwakar Sharma – He Is A Singing Sensation. CBSE Topper. Visually Impaired. Are You As Inspired As We Are?



Diwakar Sharma left his visual impairment behind as he not only won many hearts in a television music reality show but also topped in the 12th grade CBSE board exams. As he transformed from being a ‘regular’ boy to a celebrity, Diwakar shares with us how he did not let his disability come in the way of his life.

If you want to know the power of a voice, meet Diwakar Sharma. We all saw and adored him on a television music reality show where he won millions of hearts with his melodious voice. What has made Diwakar stand out is his tenacity to succeed in spite of a rare condition that caused progressive low vision which went up to a point of 100 percent visual impairment at a very young age.

“Regular” people often lament their fate and spend a large part of their lives trying to come to terms with their disabilities or misfortunes. But, did we mention that Diwakar is not a “regular” person? Disability was never a word in his dictionary, and with his amazing achievements, he has proved that nothing can come in the way of genuine talent and passion.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Diwakar has always been a talented child and started singing since the age of two. He says, “It came naturally to me. Though I took professional training, I did not plan to make a career out of it. But then SaReGaMaPa happened, and it changed my life.”

He bagged the second place in that competition and since then he has never looked back. Currently pursuing B.A in Music from Delhi University, Diwakar is a celebrity now. “Life has changed tremendously. Earlier he was just a normal kid; today people know me because of my voice. It feels great,” the young champ grins.

Diwakar’s achievements were not restricted to just music – he excelled in academics too. He became CBSE topper in his 12th grade board exams and scored 91 percent marks.

Diwakar is an inspiration to all of us and a true embodiment of how your actions rather than your fate define the course of your life. It is heartening to see that he has handled his disability with such maturity and has never let it come in the way of his dreams. We wish this young wonder good luck for all his future endeavours.

He says, Though the journey has not been a bed of roses for this young lad, he has found ways to look at the best in every situation. He managed studies and his music together and excelled in both fields. “But, music has always been my priority”. 

Diwakar with Abdul Kalaam
Diwakar Sharma Singing in
Front of  Dr. A.P.J.Kalam


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