Meet Swapna Augustine – Inspiring Armless Artist



Swapna Augustine was born and raised in Ernakulam, a town situated in central Kerala. She was born without arms, but the best thing about her is she did not let her limitations overpower her creativity and the painting that she had made has attracted most of the visitors in the exhibition.

When she was a child she made a habit of performing all tasks, including painting and drawing, with her feet. As her talent for art was soon discovered, her parents and teachers gave her the necessary support and encouragement to continue painting.



Her creations have also been published in several magazines, newsletters and youth magazines. Swapna has participated in several group exhibitions in India. She has been a member of MFPA since 1999.

She is an inspiration to all. Her physical barriers and has become an inspiration for the entire humanity. She has indeed defeated her disability and has achieved what anyone else would have thought to be impossible. Her paintings are a symbol of her struggles and zeal to achieve her goals.

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