Richie Parker – Inspiring Story of an Engineer With No Arms



Richie Parker – Inspiring Story of an Engineer With No Arms

Richie Parker, 30 was born with no arms bilateral amelia, a non-genetic birth defect in which limbs aren’t formed. but is now a vehicle engineer at NASCAR’s most winning organization. Hendrick Motorsports.

“Every step of the way in life there have been people who say I can’t do things. But Richie Parker  wanted his childhood to be as close to any other child’s childhood as possible. There were always things around the house that made it so that he didn’t need to ask somebody else for help to do it and that was always important he noted. his parents that from day one tried to make it so that his life was, he guess you could say that his life was as normal as possible. Whatever that is, he added. Richie’s parent’s efforts, including designing a way for him to independently ride a bicycle infused him with a sense of independence that inspired him to start focusing on cars as he grew up.

Just like every other hurdle in his life, Parker found a way, placing the keyboard and mouse on the floor, then operating both with his feet to build custom high-performance automotive parts. The entirety of the ESPN segment traces the evolution of Parker’s can-do attitude for accomplishing a wide-range of tasks, including opening a refrigerator door to creating a system to help him drive a car. Richie can do with a bit of determination and creativity develop a number of interesting solutions. This attitude served him well as he became an adult. His amazing perseverance and focus has enabled him to not only live independently, also become an engineer. That’s how Richie Parker starts off to work at Hendrick Motorsports, a NASCAR racing organization, where he is an engineer.

Ever thought all the odds were stacked against you? Ever been convinced that you can’t do something?
Parker is a living example of how any obstacle can be overcome. It’s the kind of motto everyone should live by – and it’s what makes Parker a Real-Life Superhero.

Richie Parker just never satisfied. He said, “It’s what drives me. I don’t know where it comes from. And sometimes it kinda drives me crazy but that’s how I live my life and I don’t know that there’s a whole lot in life period that I can say that I can’t do.” — just things that I haven’t done yet.

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