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Thusha Kamaleswaran was shot and left paralysed by a stray bullet in Stockwell,  south London 4 years ago, she was fighting for life on the floor of her uncle’s shop. Thusha Kamaleswaran was bleeding from a gunshot wound, the victim of a terrifying drug war that would leave her paralysed from the waist down.  Her devastated parents were told she was unlikely to walk again.

But the one thing a gangster’s bullet couldn’t take from the innocent schoolgirl was her smile.

After years of physiotherapy Thusha never gave up and refused to believe that she would never walk again. It is truly amazing the healing powers the human spirit can achieve and despite all the odds being stacked against her and now she standing tall
and proudly beaming a beautiful smile. She was walking again, even with that support, was like a miracle.

“Nothing will stop her from achieving her goal.”

Thusha Kamaleswaran-Inspiring heights

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